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The first step to starting a successful business depends on choosing the best headquarters


Achieve success in your own shop with Gang Dong-O Cake

Poongnyun Bakery is pursuing a way of optimizing start-ups for small business owners, which are available at the actual cost expense.
We have cut down our estimated membership fee and will offer you our loyalty in starting your business, and we also conduct diversified field education activities for our franchise members.
By removing the difficulties involved in other franchise launch processes, we have set our goal as creating a collaborative relationship between us and our members for the purpose of mutual growth.

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Our specialized managers will share our franchise information freely with you in kind communication.

1. Purpose of using personal information
The personal information that you provide is used to deliver more precise services, and is not used for other purposes or provided to a third party without the user’s consent. However, it can be shared with a third party in the following exceptional cases:

1) In cases where there is a request from an investigation institute for the purpose of an investigation according to the relevant laws and regulations
2) In cases where there is a request according to the procedures related to other relevant laws and regulations

When providing personal information to a new third party, Gang Dong-O Cake takes notice in advance of the content of the information to be provided, the recipient, and the purpose of the provision to the user through e-mail or other means, and such information is not provided unless the user gives his/her consent.

2. Personal information items collected and the collection method

Gang Dong-O Cake is provided with part of the user’s personal information through the ‘Ask us more about a franchise’ menu and the ‘Contact Us’ menu. To register an inquiry, the user needs to input the following information. However, even if user does not input selected items, there is no limitation on submitting the inquiry.

Personal information items to input: name, cellphone number

3. Possession of personal information and usage period

The collected part of the personal information will remain in the possession of Gang Dong-O Cake until the response is completed, and will be used to provide more precise services. In cases where the response to a submitted inquiry is completed, or the purpose of the information provision is achieved, the personal information will be deleted within a month.

I agree with this personal information policy.