The Poongnyun Café

The Poongnyun Bakery meets a coffee shop


Our qualified staff selects the best quality coffee beans in person,
before conducting roasting, cupping, extracting tests to realize the ideal taste and aroma.

Coffee that has gone beyond a global trend and settled into our daily lives, now meets the Poongnyun Bakery.
The PNB CAFÉ has created our own blend of coffee, with roasters and baristas that are certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). Our qualified staff personally selects the best quality coffee beans, before conducting roasting/cupping/extracting tests to create the ideal taste & aroma. Also, to ensure a stable taste and steady supply, we have stabilized our processing system and equipment to maintain the best tasting coffee in mass production.

By roasting our beans and studying the extractions every day, we are finding the taste and aromas that our customers like, and Poongnyun Bakery is supporting people’s daily lives. We will always try to revitalize people and to give them happiness with a special cup of coffee made through our best efforts.


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