Harmony of Seaweed and Rice Haewoodami

A Modern Reinvention of Kimboogak, a Korean Traditional Food


Haewoodami is a brand named using Jeollanam-do dialect and Hangeul’s charm & tradition.

“Haewoo” originally refers to seaweed from the Korean southern island areas, where its called “Haeui (海衣, meaning: clothes of the sea)” or “Haewoo (海牛, meaning: beef of the sea)” to suggest that seaweed is nutritional as much as cows. “Haewoodami” redefined the presently non-used word “Haewoo” in the meaning of “friend of the sea (海友)”, as the brand creates a new field of seaweed snack with “Dami (多 味, meaning: variety of tastes).”

Haewoodami is a modern reinvention of Kimboogak, a Korean traditional food, based on a patent belonging to Gang Dong-O Cake.
It’s made by spreading the dough between two sheets of seaweed that are vulnerable to moisture, and then broiling the snack. There is no oil used in this low-calorie snack – just Korean seaweed and eco-friendly rice as the main ingredients. Haewoodami is now being sold overseas, and is also available at duty free shops in Korea.

Healthy Ingredients

Korean Domestic Seaweed

Seaweed (Gim) is nutritional food that contains proteins and vitamins. Protein in 5 sheets of dried seaweed is as much as in one egg, and the amount of Vitamin A in one sheet of seaweed equals to that of two eggs. Also, there is Vitamin B1/B2/B6/B12 found in seaweed and has an especially high content of B2 is high. Vitamin C in seaweed is known as more stable than in vegetables.
Moreover, seaweed has ingredients that help remove cholesterol out from the human body to prevent artery hardening and high blood pressure. Continuous intake of seaweed is expected to reduce the risk of cancer.

Korean Domestic Rice

‘Boramchan,’ a rice variety used for Haewoodami, is easily kneaded into dough, and has a good water capacity to be made into bread or snacks. Also, we carefully only choose eco-friendly rice grown with no agricultural pesticides.

Diverse Korean Domestic Raw Materials

Safer raw materials are adopted for Haewoodami, including domestic eggs, anchovy, shrimp, pepper powder, and salt.


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