A healthy snack that takes into account both the taste and the nutritional balance.


A healthy snack that takes into account both the taste
and the nutritional balance.

Haewoodami is a modern reinvention of Kimboogak, a Korean traditional food,
based on a patent belonging to Gang Dong-O Cake.
It’s made by spreading the snack dough between two sheets of laver that are vulnerable to moisture, and then broiling the snack.
There is no oil used in this low-calorie snack – just Korean laver and eco-friendly rice as the main ingredients.
Haewoodami is now being sold overseas, and is also available at duty free shops in Korea.


NET WT. 20g

Taste the heat with Cheongyang pepper and chili pepper powder! Ideal to serve with an alcoholic drink.


NET WT. 20g

Contains anchovies which are a repository of calcium and shrimp with natural chitosan. This is a good, nutritious snack for children and the elderly.


NET WT. 20g

Bay salt added to fragrant laver creates a great taste. This is a good side dish for serving with alcoholic drinks.


NET WT. 20g

Marvel at the balance of savory cheese, fragrant laver, and crispy rice! A good nutritious snack for everybody.


NET WT. 20g

The rich nourishment of almonds is added to a snack for a savory and light taste.


NET WT. 20g

Sweet strawberries meet fragrant laver! Both the refreshing strawberries and the laver with a crunchy texture provide vivid tastes.


NET WT. 20g

A nutritious snack made from raw pistachios for men and women of all ages.

Red Ginseng

NET WT. 20g

Contains red ginseng, one of Korea’s specialties. This is a nutritious snack for elderly people that take their health into consideration.


NET WT. 20g

Chocolate is added into the dough. Its gentle fragrance and sweet taste are popular among children.