Korean Rice Hwaryeon

100% gluten-free cookie made of rice


100% Korean Rice Hwaryeon

‘Hwaryeon’ (禾練, rice + boiled) is a brand image that means the Senbei (Jeonbyeong) is made of grain of rice,
and that represents a premium value Korean cookie with a lively crisp and savory flavor.
Hwaryeon also has another meaning of “flowing time”, suggesting the years passing like a flowing river; in other words, you can snack while experiencing old memories.


“Hwaryeon,” representing the renewal of old-fashioned Senbei, is literally baked rice-grain products (禾練, rice + baked). Its main ingredient is rice that Gang Dong-O Cake secures directly from specially contracted farmers.
By adopting rice as the main gradient, the gluten-free Hwaryeon is edible for customers who are allergic to gluten or who have difficulties in digesting flour. Besides this, the product is made by baking not frying, so the amount of calories in 2 wrappers in one box is only 78Kcal. With ‘zero trans-fats’ Hwaryeon is also recommended for who are trying to lose weight or who are sensitive to other health issues.


1 box (9 g x 8 ea.) x 20 packs

Hwaryeon, in 8 Tasty Varieties!

Rice Snack
The unique taste of the rice stands out.

Bean Snack
A savory snack that contains the natural isoflavones found in bean powder.

Laver Snack
The flavor and aroma of laver is rich within this snack.

Sesame Snack
Feel the fresh flavor and aroma of sesame.

Peanut Snack
Peanuts containing plenty of essential fatty acids that provide a savory taste.

Red Ginseng Snack
A functional snack made of red ginseng that contains natural saponin.

Red Yeast Rice Snack
A functional snack made of red yeast rice that lowers the level of blood cholesterol and prevents many adult diseases.

Kelp Snack
A functional snack made of kelp that contains rich iodine which prevents thyroid disease.

Hwaryeon for Gift

Hwaryeon, the modern renewed form of the old-fashioned Senbei, has been recreated for use as a gift. It is composed of 4 flavors to give the recipient the pleasure of choosing their favorite one. Hwaryeon is particularly suitable for those who have trouble digesting foods made with flour. Also, as a non-fried baked snack, it’s good to enjoy with coffee or tea, which is why people prefer serving Hwaryeon to their guests.