Korean Wheat Handmade Choco Pie

The iconic food of the Poongnyun Bakery that became the pride of Jeonju


We use fresh wheat to bake the right bread

We provide a special service with our ‘handmade Choco Pie’, Poonyun Bakery’s most famous product, for those customers who want to use it in various ways such as a holiday gift, a large order, and as a welcoming gift.
Gang Dong-O Cake has acquired a certificate as a Standard Workplace for the Disabled, so that we can share a tax benefit to reduce the levy for the employment of the disabled.
Additionally, you are able to place orders in the form of a private contact.

Korean Wheat Handmade Choco Pie
Nutty butter cream and strawberry jam are rolled inside the sweet tasting bread.

Real Choco Pie
The bittersweet taste of chocolate will stand out strongly in your mouth.

Almond Bouchee
A neat bread made of almond powder embedded with white and fragrant almond slices.

Corn Bouchee
A savory bread made of corn flour sprinkled with a sweet sugar powder.