Secret Temptation

A crispy snack, made of Korean wheat, that offers a modern twist on traditional Senbei.


Made of 100% Korean Wheat

A Hwaryeon-type snack, made of 100% Korean domestic wheat as the main ingredient.
This non-fried, baked snack gives an ideal simple and savory taste.
Here, Gang Dong-O Cake packs all of its heart its own secret handmade Senbei recipe.
Anytime and anywhere, you can easily access and enjoy bite-sized pleasure.
Secret Temptation is the ideal companion when you are welcoming your guests.

8 Tastes

Wheat Snack
The simple but unique taste of wheat stands out.

Bean Snack
A savory snack that contains the natural isoflavones found in bean powder.

Laver Snack
The flavor and aroma of laver is rich within this snack.

Sesame Snack
Feel the fresh flavor and aroma of sesame.

Peanut Snack
Peanuts containing plenty of essential fatty acids that provide a savory taste.

Red Ginseng Snack
A functional snack made of red ginseng that contains natural saponin.

Red Yeast Rice Snack
A functional snack made of red yeast rice that lowers the level of blood cholesterol and prevents many adult diseases.

Kelp Snack
A functional snack made of kelp that contains rich iodine which prevents thyroid disease.


7.5 g x 30 ea. (NET WT. 220g)